Hi Everyone,

         Nate and I are getting excited to welcome Our Sweetwater Baby Boy to the family. We are starting to think about getting baby stuff as I head into 3rd trimester.   Well after hitting up a few online sites, I realized the stuff we really need is a bit expensive to ask of one person.  We live in a cozy farm house, so baby boy will be sharing a room with momma and poppa for a while until we add an addition on.  So we have limited space and need to focus on the must haves.  We also have listened to advice on holding off on getting too many clothes and baby entertainment items until we meet the little guy (or big guy) and get to learn his preferences better.

So thanks to a friend (I'm looking at you LL), I found this site which is perfect!  You can help contribute to carseat, stroller, crib etc, without having to pay for the whole thing!  Plus it allows me to do some more garage sale, baby store shopping for good deals on gently used items.  We are always up for a safe bargain!  

For those of you who want to send cutesy stuff too,  I will stick a note online with baby boy's size once he is born.  So we can be sure he will fit into the cute little outfit and be able to wear it for a while.  Until then consider donating as much as you feel comfortable with so we can buy those important items (nursing pads, diapers, etc) that might not be as fun, BUT are much needed! 


Thanks so much for sharing this exciting time with us.  Love you lots!

Nate & Lily

Our Sweetwater Baby Boy
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